View a showcase of our customers who have been using Evo~ERP software for years to streamline their business practices. We have customers from all spectrums of the manufacturing industry.

  • Accutron Inc.

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    Accutron Inc

    Accutron Inc.

    Accutron manufactures printed circuit board assemblies.

    I would like to personally thank you for all your help, training and most importantly of all, listening to us to have EVO do some amazing things for us. We are very happy with what we have and are very optimistic with the direction this is all headed to.

    ~ Samir

  • Alternative Manufacturing Inc.

    Alternative Manufacturing Inc

    Alternative Manufacturing Inc

    Alternative Manufacturing Inc.

    AMI’s job is to improve each customer’s business performance, and to do that job better than any alternate supplier.

    AMI builds from its middle market credentials to consistently meet the demand of its customers to make more money. Consider the following: AMI is 100% Employee Owned, maintains Structural Cost Advantages, and has competitive Margins and Markups. AMI is the best choice for the EMS middle market.

  • Burr King Manufacturing

    Burr King Manufacturing

    For over sixty years Burr King has manufactured quality abrasive belt grinders, polishing equipment, disc grinders and vibratory deburring and polishing equipment.

  • CTM Magnetics

    CTM Magnetics

    CTM Magnetics designs and manufactures custom magnetic assemblies for high power three phase and single phase applications. CTM Magnetics produces liquid and air cooled LCL input filters and LC sine wave output filters for the inverter and drive control industry.

    Because of our new product development which we have received patents on, our new products have BOMs that contain up to 100 items, many of which are custom fabricated parts to our drawings. Nearly every month for us is setting new records. I cannot imagine managing what we are now required to do without EVO! We were just surveyed by a multinational multibillion dollar per year customer with excellent results.

    ~ Dave Miller

  • MMT Technology, Inc.

    MMT Technology, Inc.

    MMT Technology, Inc. provides a full suite of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Services range from labor only to complete turnkey solutions.

    I know of no other software company that is more dedicated to their customers.  The people I work with there are phenomenal!  Combine a great product and a commitment to continuous improvement and that’s IsTech EVO/ERP!!!

    ~ Gene McVay

  • RT London

    RT London

    RT London builds high-quality furniture, offers a collaborative approach to design, and strives to continually exceed expectations for service.

  • Universe Machine Corp.

    Universe Machine Corp.

    Universe shall manufacture, modify or repair steel products for oilfield, petrochemical, forestry and other related industries.