Evo~ERP Frequently Asked Questions

  • What industries or vertical markets is Evo-ERP well suited for?

    Evo-ERP is well suited for and used in many different industries including electronics assembly, food processing, heavy equipment manufacturing, wood product manufacturing, upholstered and other furniture manufacturing, machine shops, precision instrument manufacturing, aerospace component manufacturing, medical devices and automotive components. The Lot and Serial Control options can be enabled in industries such as food processing and medical devices where they are required but do not have to be used if they are not needed.
  • What modules are included in a system purchase?

    All modules are always included so there is never a decision to be made whether or not to purchase a particular module or program suite. You do have the flexibility to decide which modules to use at the outset and which to bring online later or maybe not at all. Unlike some systems, even though there is an MRP module, you are not required to use MRP to generate Purchase Orders and Work Orders. Similarly, while Evo-ERP offers Warehouse Control and Contract Review and Approval, they do not need to be enabled. You can even use Evo-ERP strictly as a manufacturing control system and not use accounting at all. Many companies start that way to get the manufacturing side running smoothly, then bring accounting online later, perhaps the start of a fiscal year.
  • Can data be imported from another system?

    If you can get the data into Excel or a similar spreadsheet format, modify it as needed to clean it up and save as a comma delimited file, then it can be imported. There are standard preconfigured programs for importing Inventory, Customers, Vendors, Routings, Bills of Material, Chart of accounts, GL Transaction detail, open AR and open AP. There is also a generic import program that can be used to import any other information desired.
  • Can user access to different modules be controlled?

    User profiles are defined not to the module level but to the specific program level. Each profile can be granted or denied access to entire modules, program groups within a module, or individual programs within a group. The menu arrangement can also be modified so if a user needs only a few programs that are in different menu modules, they can be moved together in a single module to eliminate excessive navigation of multiple menus.
  • Can Evo-ERP use Bar Code?

    Yes, the Forms and Reports editor can encode any data element on any form or label in the system as a bar code. Formats supported are Code 39 (default), UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128, PostNet, FIM, Codabar and MSI. Evo-ERP also supports 2-D Datamatrix barcode of customer, order, and inventory related information.
  • How long does implementation take?

    It is very difficult to specify a length of time because there are so many factors that influence the implementation process. We typically quote an implementation support period of 90 days from date of purchase which includes our support person working with you to migrate data from an existing system, generally with an intermediate step in Excel to clean it up and add fields that Evo-ERP may require that your existing system doesn't have, prepare user profiles and menu access, modify forms as desired to include your logo and other desired information, and define default settings. Obviously, if you do not have the data in a form that can be transferred or your people do not have any time to spend on the implementation process, it will take longer.
  • How do I get training or technical support?

    We typically include a 90 day implementation support option with the system quote which also includes access to our WebEx suite of recorded tutorial sessions. After the 90 day implementation period, we offer monthly subscriptions for either email or email and phone based support for as long as you need it. We have many companies who have been using the system for over ten years that still have a support subscription but it is entirely your choice. We also have a free user forum on line that you can use for interacting with other users.
  • What hardware do I need to run Evo-ERP?

    Evo-ERP is a Windows based system that uses the Pervasive.SQL database. Pervasive system requirements and operating systems supported are listed at:

    Any Windows version that is supported for Pervasive will be sufficient for Evo-ERP.